“Property Of” by Alice Hoffman & Crunchy Honey Nut Granola

Recently posted over at PAPER/PLATES is my review of Alice Hoffman’s very first published novel Property Of.

Here’s a snippet of my piece:

As a person still working on her first novel, I’ve recently become curious about the first publications of my favorite authors. The evolutions in their writing are fascinating, as are the themes that some writers just can’t seem to let go of – like Kazuo Ishiguro with memory or Amy Tan with Chinese family politics.

Alice Hoffman gained international fame with Practical Magic (which I adore) and though her first novel Property Of is very different in style and tone, you can see the fresh shoots of themes she later returns to over and over again: the tensile nature of women’s strength and a fairytale-like focus on characters dabbling with gritty or suburban forms of magic.

You can read the rest of my article and explore my addictive granola recipe HERE.

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