The Warmth of Ashes

My science fantasy YA novel The Warmth of Ashes is available on Kindle!

A heartless mother who can control the wind. A lethal military commander who breaks his boyfriend’s heart to save his life. A princess willing to throw everything away for her snarky body double. Blind and bookish 17-year-old Maka isn’t the reason all their stories intertwine, but she may be the reason all their stories end.

Maka Garrett can read the souls of people as easily as she reads books, with the exception of one person: her mother Helen. The volcanic eruption 10 years ago triggered incredible powers and terrible illness in their island’s population, and somehow caused Helen’s soul to go missing, leaving her cold as ice. When Maka is accepted into the Royal Institute, her mother suddenly turns warm and asks Maka to help her gain access to a mysterious machine hidden beneath the school.

Desperate for answers and to regain Helen’s love, Maka agrees, unaware that she’s setting off a chain of events that will threaten the lives of everyone on the island. Between pissing off the princess, making unlikely friends and losing her virginity, Maka starts to unravel a secret that the monarchy and the military would kill to keep hidden — and that her mother would kill to reveal.

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