“The Secret History” & Il Palio Cocktails

Recently posted over at PAPER/PLATES is my review of Donna Tartt’s ice cold novel The Secret History.

Here’s a snippet of my piece:

A gift from a friend, The Secret History did what any great thriller does: kept me glued until the last page. It’s unconventional in its telling, as we know from the very beginning who did it and how. What drives the reader’s curiosity is the search for answers to more complicated questions like “Why?” and “What Now?”

More than a mere mystery, though, Tartt’s novel is a gorgeous exploration of the emotional ride of being a college freshman: that longing to escape where you came from and that desperation to belong to some more divine social group.

You can read the rest of my article and discover why I paired The Secret History with a recipe for Il Palio cocktails HERE.

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