Politicomma on Wattpad

When the publishing industry gives you lemons, you give Wattpad a try. I’ll be posting a new chapter of my novel Politicomma every Thursday.

Politicomma Wattpad Cover

Jackie “Firespike” Melendez is thrilled with her recent promotion at Politicomma, one of the twelve pillar blogs that replaced the disarray of the old internet. But a simple assignment to track down a hacker targeting her team gets complicated when Firespike not only discovers the hacker is someone close to her, but also stumbles upon a plot to bring down the entire technological infrastructure of America.

At least she’s met a few cute guys while dealing with this mess. Too bad more than one of them isn’t exactly what he seems.

Politicomma was the first novel-length work I completed, edited and considered truly finished. My agent and I had a hard time finding a publisher that was a good fit for it, likely because it straddles genres. It wasn’t quite science fictiony enough to be sci fi, but it was a bit too speculative to be considered straight-up general fiction.

The last time I looked at this story was exactly three years ago and I was prepared to cringe hard, since I have a habit of hating my older work, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of Politicomma still holds together. Plenty still needs to be polished and de-adverbed, and I feel like my style has changed enough that I probably won’t re-submit it to publishers, but it seemed a shame to leave a project I spent so much time on in the desk drawer. So, maybe by publishing it on Wattpad, it’ll get a bit of love.